Experience Strategic Creativity

JSAV offers a wide variety of Creative Services including Theme Creation, Scenic Design and Media Production.

Our focused approach assures that your message is heard loud and clear and that your brand integrity is maintained and supported.

Our services are scalable; choose only those that you need.

If you already have a marketing team or design group, we will be happy to work with them and weave their vision throughout every aspect of the production. We will faithfully maintain your brand’s consistent representation in print, on stage and on screen.

If you do not have a contracted or in-house creative team, we can provide turn-key solutions…everything from pre-event collateral to on-site execution to a post-show online record of the event.

Scenic Design & Construction


Scenic design sets the tone for the event, and it happens in the blink of an eye. When your audience first enters a space (General Session Ballroom, Exhibit Hall, Reception Area) their first glance can have a profound impact, and a good design insures that impact is positive.

Your stage and scenic elements do not have to be “spectacular,” but they do have to be strategically designed.

Even a minimal set can still be dramatic, and our skilled design team will make sure your event conveys a look that is relevant to your message and supports your brand with style.

With a full-service, in-house scenic shop, we are able to cater to all tastes and budgets. From a stock accent piece that looks like a custom design, to ground-up construction, we have the tools, the talent and the enthusiasm to get the job done.

Media Production


If a picture is worth a thousand words, then video is certainly worth a couple of million.

Well-produced media can be a very powerful tool, evoking strong emotions…pride, laughter, inspiration, nostalgia. It can tell your story in a concise and entertaining way.

Live events offer a variety of opportunities for media production…from an Opening Module to a Closing Highlights Video and everything in between. Our creative team will work with you to develop a media concept that hits the mark and sparks the right emotional response.

Theme Creation


A strong theme is the backbone of a successful production, elevating the audience’s perception of the event. One of JSAV’s strengths is our ability to help you develop a theme for your meeting, or work with an existing theme, bringing it to life from one end of an event to the other.

To create an impactful theme, we will learn your goals, your company message, and your brand personality. Our theme recommendations are not “off the rack” catch phrases, but customized, targeted messages that support your brand with style and substance.

Overall Production


Our Creative Services go beyond the tangible elements. We offer all of the other services, too…the kind you don't really think about. (Unless you've been doing this as long as we have!)

It’s the little things that work together to create an atmosphere that drives your message home and reaches your attendees on a deeper level.

Just a few of the “intangibles”…

  • Scriptwriting
  • Speech-coaching
  • Voiceover and music selection
  • Entertainment suggestions
  • Show flow development
  • Speaker support (video and graphics)
  • Much, much more…