JSAV Gives Back

JSAV Gives Back

Happy Holidays from JSAV and BAV Oh, Trussmas Tree!

Instead of sending gifts this year, we’ve made seasonal donations to two charities making a positive impact in our communities near our corporate headquarters, The United Way Dallas Metropolitan, and Serving God by Serving Others. SGSO is a Dallas, Texas-based disaster relief charity co-founded by JSAV’s late founder, Monroe Jost.

About Serving God By Serving Others

During 2019 SGSO responded to the tornadoes in Dallas, Texas, removing trees and helping with the cleanup. Additionally, the group responded after Hurricane Dorian devastated the Bahamas, and helped clean up after Hurricane Barry caused flooding in New Orleans. SGSO also provided supplies of food and water to Baton Rouge and southwest Louisiana, and a truckload of generators to southeast Texas.

Find out how you can support SGSO.

About United Way Metropolitan Dallas

Focusing on the building blocks of education, income, and health, The United Way Dallas strengthens the chances of people in our community to be happy, healthy, and reach for their dreams. UWD, together with our community, has put opportunities in the hands of one million North Texans this year. More students are graduating prepared for success at college or on the job; more local families are financially stable, and more neighbors are living healthy lives.

Find out how you can support The United Way Dallas.

JSAV Gives back Holidays 2019