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Conference Rooms

Corporate meeting spaces in offices, hotel conference rooms or Business Centers provide a place for professionals to collaborate. Audio Visual technology, when installed correctly, makes the communication process easier and more efficient. Whether stepping through a PowerPoint presentation, reviewing spreadsheets or getting together with colleagues to brainstorm, well-designed space and properly installed AV equipment empower a presenter. JSAV conference spaces allow information, even finely detailed data, to be seen by many, facilitating an easy exchange of ideas.

JSAV Design and integration Conference Rooms

Boardroom Designs

Beyond serving merely as a location for internal meetings, your corporate boardroom should be a high-end, well-appointed room that will impress important clients and guests. Allow us to outfit it with the latest and greatest technology then take it a step further by concealing that technology! Projectors, screens, microphones, webcams; we have extensive experience integrating complex conferencing technology that’s easily used through a Central Control System yet completely invisible when not in use.

Training Rooms

Corporate training rooms are important spaces, and we take a strategic view of your instruction process. By implementing complementary technologies, we can help improve and simplify your training process. Focusing on your ultimate training goals, we’ll evaluate your needs and determine the best AV solution for your budget. What are you trying to achieve? What do you already have installed? What needs to replaced…and what doesn’t?

JSAV Design and Integration Collaboration


Audio conferencing, video conferencing and content sharing have become a critical component of the modern workplace. These essential technologies allow businesses to communicate effectively, make decisions more quickly and decreases the need for travel. In our ever-expanding workplace that includes workers in and out of the office, collaborative web features have become more in demand. JSAV is experienced in integrating a variety of solutions. Whether it’s a soft-codec PC application or a SIP codec, JSAV provides systems that are cost effective that provide a real ROI.

Digital Services

Digital Signage

Digital signage is an extremely effective messaging method. Since digital signage is visual, it makes it easier for viewers to digest and remember information enabling employee engagement and achievement recognition, wayfinding, branding, and values to be communicated visually and easily managed.

JSAV Digital Signage Services
JSAV Design and Integration Room Scheduler

Room Scheduler

Quite often, meeting spaces are in high demand, but not easily managed. Many times finding an available meeting space and reserving it is plagued by scheduling conflicts, ineffective manual reservation processes, and rooms that are booked with no people in them. An effective room scheduler solution solves these issues once and for all, and alleviates the awkward moments of fighting over meeting spaces.

System Automation

The ability of a meeting space to be operated by an untrained user is how we measure our success. Our unique approach to system automation includes touch panel designs that incorporate visual cues, on-screen instruction, and many times a series of questions. As yes-no questions are answered, complex operations are happening behind the scenes. This intuitive approach practically eliminates the needs of users to be trained to operate the system.

JSAV Design and Integration System Automation
JSAV Shane Hudson VP Design and Integration

Shane Hudson

Vice President Design & Integration

Shane leads the Design & Integration Services Division which offers customized, permanent technology solutions that enable our client’s businesses to be more productive. By helping our clients navigate through every step of the process from design to integration, Shane and his team ensure the perfect Audio Visual space.

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