Doubletree Hotel Audio Visual Design and Integration JSAV


Denver Tech Center


Changes happen fast in the Hospitality industry. Promotions and position changes can mean the staff that was familiar with the AV may transition out, and the new team members need to be just as successful as their predecessors. JSAV knows this and how to make onboarding a success. Doubletree DTC needed the system to be easy enough for non-technical users to set up these spaces in the least amount of time, as well as provide full finite adjustments for the technical staff. Additionally, to protect the investment Doubletree DTC made into the AV system, they needed a way to keep people who rented the space from using the system if they were not authorized as part of their agreement.

Part of the requested solution included motorized projection screens and projector lifts. However, there were large chandeliers in the space that would remain after the renovation, and as often happens, they provided a number of challenges for projector placement.

Hands down the most significant hurdle we had to overcome was an existing Crestron dimming system that was not meeting Doubletree DTC’s needs, for which no-one had any documentation. In addition to having no information for how the dimming system was implemented, there were no drawings for how the lighting was zoned, and what kind of lighting fixtures were on each zone.


With JSAV’s experience working on Hospitality projects nationwide, designing the Audio Visual system itself was relatively easy. We worked closely with the banquet staff and owner to tailor the touch panel to have password protection, visual layouts to help navigate through selecting inputs and where to send them, as well as combine and separate features. The system adjustments were concealed on tech pages, hidden from day to day users. All of the HDMI and audio wall plates fed into the central AV rack to allow any source to be seen and heard in any of the ballrooms.

JSAV specified one large screen that would be implemented when all the rooms were used together, as well as smaller screens in each section of the Ballroom. JSAV provided and installed projector lifts and worked with the GC to place the projector lifts strategically within the chandeliers. When the lifts were down they blended in with the multi-cube chandelier, and with careful placement, the chandelier didn’t impede on the projected image.

JSAV worked with the electrical contractor and general contractor to bring a certified Crestron lighting specialist on-site to thoroughly test and document the existing Crestron lighting system. Testing allowed us to adequately identify and specify the new parts and programming changes that were needed for the lighting system to complement the AV systems. JSAV re-zoned the lighting to ensure that when the screens are in use, the lighting does not shine on the screen, washing out the projected image.

Doubletree Hotel Audio Visual Design and Integration JSAVDoubletree Hotel Audio Visual Design and Integration JSAVDoubletree Hotel Audio Visual Design and Integration JSAVDoubletree Hotel Audio Visual Design and Integration JSAV